I have been in the hospitality industry for almost my entire adult life. I started as bag boy in high school. I grew up in a tourist community and on the weekends I would help guests with their luggage to their room. I was barely paid anything on an hourly basis and so it was all about the tips. The longer I was a bag boy I learned to read people and better understand what caused me to get a higher tip. The better the tips the more money I’d put in my pocket.

Life of a Bag Boy!!! Where it all began.

I was never a big spender but preferred to save up my money for some unknown adventure that would take place in the future. After years of being a bag boy I graduated to being a bellman where my base pay was a significant improvement over what I made as a bad boy. Plus as a bellman I was more or a greeter and host to our guests and had to do less carrying bags through the snowy parking lots to our guests rooms.

As a bellman, it was important that I learned the best restaurants in the area, and that I could make recommendations to our guests. I was a pretty simple guy and I had to start prioritizing learning about other foods and tourist attractions. I would visit some of these establishments try their food experience their events. That was the only way I felt confident in making a recommendation. My reputation was important to me and I didn’t want to just make something up that wasn’t true. My guests trusting my suggestions was a top priority. This was one of the many reasons as to why I loved the hospitality industry. The ability to have a positive impact on someone who just a moment before was a total stranger.