As I previously mentioned whenever I sell a property, I like to take time and thank the people who helped make the project a success. As an owner I rely on the hard work and dedication of a massive team. Some of my team members are employees and some of my team are Independent contractors. The key for me was to treat all of them with respect, dignity, and fair pair.

Over the years I found when I was cheap, and I tried to save a few dollars it ended up costing me more money in the long run. This can be especially true in the hospitality industry where our margins can be thin. Early on, I didn’t want to pay maid service employees anything above minimum wage. I felt like it was a simple job that any one can do. Well this led to high turnover causing me to spend excessive time interviewing and training new staff. What I failed to realize was by paying such a low wage, I tended to attract people who found themself in a desperate situation. By paying them such a small amount I failed to gain their loyalty. This lead to high turnover and low quality of work. On the other hand when I increased my wages, the turnover shrunk and the quality of cleaning service sky rocketed.

Our Motel has gutters that run along the second story. Because of the local leaves and rain debris would build up and ultimately clog the rain gutters and prevent them from draining. For years I did this myself, but I am also not a huge fan of heights so i would put off cleaning the gutters for years. One year we had a huge storm come in and it rained for several days straight.

On the second day, I began to notice a leak into one of my then occupied rooms. The water damage ended up costing my thousands of dollars. Another silly example of trying to save some money by doing it myself when i should have hired someone to clean my gutters for me. Shortly after that storm, I quickly hired Adam, for gutter cleaning services, and I have not cleaned a gutter since.

As my business grew, and as I grew as a person I learned that a much greater skill set was to identify trustworthy and dependable people who were skilled at their work. Hire them and free myself to focus on revenue generating ideas and providing high level customer service. The more successful I became in business the more I learned it was easier for me to find ways to increase revenue than it was to focus on haggling over contract service prices.

With that, I’d like to thank a handful of contractors who provided incredible value and great service to the Cedars Motel. I’d like to thank previously mentioned Adam for cleaning my gutter and cleaning my windows. I’d like to thank Maya for her Maid service. I’d like to thank Steven for his maintenance repairs. I’d like to thank Coop for accounting, and I’d like to thank my staff for making work enjoyable on a daily basis.